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2008-06-21 03:47:09 by Rarehunter813

So, since like third grade, ive had long curly hair. Even my own grandparents sometimes mistaked me for a girl! But, for the past month, i decided i wanted it short!!! Just to see peoples reactions. So, on thursday afternoon, i went to my haircut place and said i wanted it short. He looked at me with a puzzled look, because he'd been my haircutter for a long time. He said "Okay," and got out the buzzer thing. I got REALLY nervous because i dont like those things. So, it got cut really short and got styled really cool. Now, its curly spikes on the top/front area and almost shaved everywhere else. I look much better and at the last day of school yesterday, the responses:
3 didnt like it
about 7 people asked who i was
at least 10 (hot) girls stared at me, jaws hanging down
and basically everybody liked it

i heart my new haircut.

Ultimate Enemy

2008-06-14 12:15:05 by Rarehunter813

What is the strongest and most evil enemy you can the think of? The most dastardly and most vicious? Well, here's mine. The Ultimate Enemy.

Ultimate Enemy

HEAT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-06-09 12:42:34 by Rarehunter813

today, the heat was like, 97 degrees! I had gym 1st period and we had track and field! Then we had health in the hottest room in the school! then i had spanish (my fav class) in the farthest back room w/ only ONE SMALL window and no a/c or fans. luckily, we got the anouncment of a short day!!!!! WOOT!!! then we had lunch, which is a pretty big room, but we have a really big team this year, and we were all sweating like pigs. but we had mozzerella sticks! SCORE! but no s.s. in the planeterium (the coldest room in the school) and science and then MATH!!! I HATE MATH!!!!!! WE HAVE THE SMALLEST ROOM IN THE SCHOOL AND THE MEANEST TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now the day is over, im at home in the a/c in my underwear typing this with a tall glass of lemonade........ I HEART MOZZERELLA STICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

look a sheeps! I

HEAT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-06-05 18:44:46 by Rarehunter813

My odyssey of the Mind team just got back from World Finals!!! If you dont know what OM is, then screw you. I am really mad at my team, cause out of all this time, me working incredibly hard and sacrificing my social life, i ask for one thing and one thing alone, our prop the earth made out of plastic cups. We spent hours working on it, and for months i've been saying that i was taking it home to make a movie of how to succesfully destroy the Earth. but a deuschbag named Owen decided that i didnt matter and decided to destroy it right then and there. He got the 2 biggest kids on our team to help him. I was on my hands and knees begging them to not drop it, and they do it anyways. i didnt say a word for three hours. i locked myself in my dorm and cried a little. Owen is off the team next year. But, then we went to the after party after getting 21st place out of 65 teams, and i was dancing.I dont know how to dance so i just goof around, and a couple hot sophmore girls start watching me, and one REALLY hot blonde chick in a miniskirt asks me if i want to dance with them. I of course say yes. so im in the middle of like 7 hot sophmore girls in miniskirts and short-shorts and the start shaking their butts in my face and then i had to go. The worst part is that my team was in a different room when it happened, so i have no proof, but i swear to God almighty that they danced with me. So believe me or not, it happened.

Dog Breeder

2008-05-26 09:09:30 by Rarehunter813

Today, my mom said she would take me to our family friend's house, and they have a dog kennel in their house. They raise show dogs and they have puppy litters like every 2 months. I work there during the summer and on weekends so i get a discount. I am so excited because my mom and dad said that we would start looking at dogs since January. I am going away next week so we cant get the dog until after then. I am really excited because the puppies are freaking adorable.

great. its hours later now at 5:45 and my mom has been sleeping all day and now that she's awake, she says it's too late to go! i had an amazing day with my friends, waiting all day to meet what could be a new family member, and my mom says we'll go later this week! She promised me last night and now she broke that very mad.


2008-05-18 16:04:13 by Rarehunter813

my friend had his barmitzfah yesterday and it sucked! his cousins are all british sounding know-it-all's. when we all went back to his house, we were having one big war, not actually hurting each other, and the cousins were taking everything way too seriously. they were actually fighting with plastic light-sabers and commenting on how if we stand one way, he can stab us, but if we stand the way he was, he couldn't. he broke the preasents i made for my friend ( a toy sword and sheild). plus, he made me bleed and one of my friends had to go home early because he got hurt. I wanted to punch that deusch bag in the face and yell,
"hows my form now, deusch!" plus he was a snob about it. he was acting like he knew everything about everything and we were stupid neanderthals. i want to bea the crap out of him. I box, wrestle, work out, do karate, and have an anger problem. i am the ultimate enemy. dont mess.



2008-05-15 06:40:05 by Rarehunter813

im mad at school. yesterday i didnt have breakfast like always and had to take a quiz right b4 lunch and didnt make it till they were dismissing everybody. i am so pissed ! And CopyandPaste is a huge tool! I am still sleepy so.... peace out.

Invader Zim

2008-05-14 06:43:30 by Rarehunter813

Im watching invader zim and gir is real funny.gir sure likes his taquitos. now a spaceship is disguised as a flying whale. wow. love this show. gofers aer not human beings. these aliens are stupid and now the whale just pooped a gofer. This. show. RULES!! and I am angry about newgrounds, i have not been hassled onnce about being here for a week. SOMEONE HASSLE ME!!!!!!!! poor goo thing guy. he was kind of cute. these aliens are soooooooo stupid. hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha! they just launched an escaped ship 10ft to his lawn from the whale. now the ship is disguiised as a giant baby and they abduct dib. I love this tie.


2008-05-13 15:48:06 by Rarehunter813

I have mondo homework and now after missing a day of school, I had to take 3 tests today and two tomorrow. Plus, I have to get a haircut in like, twenty minutes and I hate having scizzors near my head. At least my mom takes me to a decent place. Jo Davi: a salon. Y Soy Muy Bored!!

sick day

2008-05-12 11:18:53 by Rarehunter813

being home sick SUCKS!!! none of my friends can play online and throwing up is painful. and how do you get Blam/Save points??? i have 12 hours to make a gold account *whatever that means* and i have 10 points to go to get to level 3. SO BORED!!!!...... im going to go to and watch Long John Peter. Peace out cub scout.