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i made an MMO,

2009-08-08 17:25:00 by Rarehunter813

i made htis game at camp, when you start, in the character creation screen, click the + and choose survivor, walk towards doorways that are open to find secret rooms, and have fun, btw, its no that great

Vault Boy Drawing

2009-06-13 14:47:08 by Rarehunter813

Luis inspired me to draw this, in paint... not flash... sorry guys

Vault Boy Drawing

happy aniversary me...

2009-05-10 19:30:50 by Rarehunter813

newgrounds, you forgot my one year aniversary... how could you?!

my dog died

2009-04-15 17:13:51 by Rarehunter813

my beautiful 12 year old purebred labrador retreiver was put to sleep on monday..... oh god....

new flash on the way

2009-03-10 20:09:03 by Rarehunter813

this one will be my best so far, it took me like, a week to animate, and im now sending it to GCacti to pu the sound in so, vote 5 on it

my 5th flash

it would be dead rising, from the enemy's point of view. if your lost, i mean take this example:
Adam the clown; you would open the game, starting out with 72 hour mode, then for your next choice, a picture of zombies (i will get back to that) and a picture of all of the game's bosses. you click on that one, and you see the bosses in order of appearence. so you choose your boss, and you play the game from the moment they become a psycopath, so for adam, it would be a cutscene of the audience being eaten by zombies. then you play the game, taking hostages and killing zombies. then, when frank arrives, you fight AND YOU DIE. none of the you win the fight and die in the cutscene bullshit: you die. so this works for all of the bosses. so far so good. then we get to that son of a bitch Carlito; you would play his missions, and everything he does in the cutscenes in the original, but this time you actually go and capture the professor, find the P-90, and plant the bombs. Now, onto the zombies. you can choose to play as zombies, where one might hate this idea, listen to can quickly switch from zombie to zombie to zombie by repeatedly hitting y, and you control a single zombie, but can set one in the right direction, then switch. you attack bite my x,a and punch is just x. instead of escape commands, you have attack commands. when you play as a zombie, you play in the area frank is in. if he moves from security room to paradise plaza, you are in paradise plaza. if he goes outside, you go outside. Acheiements would include:
killing frank 5 times
killing frank 15 times
capturing frank (cult, special forces)
capturing hostage survivors
in the end, you play as either special forces soldiers, zombies, or the army outside of the mall.
now mind that the game is having frank do the story mode and rescuing survivors, so that gives you a whole number of oppourtunities to attack as either zombie or boss. after beating the game )aka, dying at the hands of frank west) for every character, you unlock a new mode: survivor mode. you get to choose this as if to choose infinity mode, where you play as any survivor you want: now remember that if you play as someone that actually gets saved by frank, you live throught the game, but if you choose someone at random, and they are in the begining, you will most likely die.
so these are just some basic idea's for the game. i actually have controls, ai and a weapons system already planned out. if you have any connections with capcom, please, pm me. so tell me what you think of Dead Rising: Dark Side

re done account

2008-09-22 21:39:54 by Rarehunter813

i finally gut a decent sig and redid my account picture as a fancy super happy

i have a girlfriend

2008-09-01 14:51:34 by Rarehunter813

you can read about it and stuff at here

My First Flash!

2008-08-27 19:08:37 by Rarehunter813

I know it sucks bad, and it took me like, an hour, but i am

it will most likely get blammed and after tommorrow it will be gone but i am proud of it
please vote 5